The Emergence of Trans

“The Emergence of Trans: Cultures, Politics and Everyday Life is a must read for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of trans life, history, culture and politics.”

– Dr Asa Radix, Callen-Lorde Community Health Centre


Emergence of Trans finalFrom 2012-2014 I co-convened an ESRC-sponsored seminar series, Rethinking Gender and Sexuality: The Emergence of Trans. Over the course of four events we brought together practitioners, patient groups, educators, researchers, community groups and activists to promote a collaborative exploration of gender and sexuality in the wake of emergent ‘trans’ discourses.

This book builds on the success of the series, and that of the related Sexualities special issue Trans Genealogies. Thematically organised, it brings together academic essays, poetry and comic art from an international range of contributors to address a range of questions pertinent to the emergence of trans lives and discourses.

The Emergence of Trans: Cultures, Politics and Everyday Lives is edited by myself, Igi Moon, Kat Gupta and Deborah Lynn Steinberg. It features contributions from Mijke van der Drift, Rhi Humphrey, Bróna Nic Giolla Easpaig, Rachael Fox, Rami Yasir, Clare Bartholomaeus, Damien W Riggs, stef m shuster, Ellen Lamont, Clare Beckett-Wrighton, Kirsty Lohman, Elena Rose Vera, Natacha Kennedy, Eric Plemons, and Julian Honkasalo.

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Brilliant – captivating razor-sharp theory without pretence or obfuscation, this collection embraces the creative, playful, exploratory dimensions of scholastic enquiry. A vital and cohesive contribution to Transgender Studies within Social Sciences.

– Dr Ben Vincent, Open University

“This important book brings together key figures in contemporary trans academia, activism and art, to explore the notion of ‘trans’ in all its complexity. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn, from those who really know, about trans identities and trans lives. Its key message is one of hope, and at a time when trans people face a renewed backlash against their very existence, this text will nourish them and their allies for the struggle. This fascinating, multidimensional project is a model for the kind of thinking and politics we all need today.”

– Professor Alison Phipps, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Sussex

“‘The Emergence of Trans’ is a compelling read.  I was drawn into each chapter and eager to read each author’s contribution. The book makes for an insightful and thought-provoking read for all interested in the exploration of identities. With the flowering of trans identities this discussion has never been more relevant than now.

– Michelle Ross, cliniQ Sexual Health and Wellbeing Service

“The Emergence of Trans is a much-needed and multi-faceted exploration of how the meaning of trans has taken shape. A range of brilliant essays and artwork plot the breakaway of trans from a history of discourses that position trans as degenerate and pathological to become a term that reflects a myriad of identities and experiences today. It also looks towards the future, to the potential that trans holds to change the world for everyone.”

– Dr Jay Stewart, Gendered Intelligence