Forthcoming talks and presentations

21 June 2023
But why? University of Glasgow Community Development Programmes
With Helen Martin, Janette Devlin, and Sinéad Gormally
At the World Community Development Conference, Garramilla/Darwin, Australia.

22-25 August 2023 (date TBC)
A Methodology for the Marginalised
At European Conference on Educational Research, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Past talks and presentations

Videos, audio recordings, transcripts and/or slides are available for some of these past talks. Click on the titles with green hyperlinks to see or hear more.


In conversation with Ruth Pearce (17 April 2023)
Interviewed by Ellie Gomersall. At NUS Liberation Conference, Blackpool Winter Gardens, England.

From Birth Parents to Backlash: Doing Sociology of Health Amidst Culture Wars (16 September 2022)
At BSA Medical Sociology Conference 2022, University of Lancaster, England.

Let’s (not!) fight a TERF war: Trans feminism in a time of moral panic (5 May 2022)
At UK Workshop in Trans Philosophy. University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Building Queer and Trans Communities in the UK (27 April 2022)
At Queer and Trans Mobilisations – Possibilities and Challenges, Krea University, Sri City, India.

The politics of trans health: Condition or Movement? (12 January 2019)
At Future research on LGBTQI issues in Finland, Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland.

‘The Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (5 December 2018)
At Trans and Intersex Rights in Health and Education, University of Warwick, Coventry, England.

Becoming an “Expert” (30 April 2018)
At NUS Trans Conference, Holiday Inn, Manchester, England.

Trans* and non-binary activism (8 April 2015)
At the Sexual Cultures Conference, University of Sunderland, England.
Keynote panel with J Fernandez, Kat Gupta, Jay Stewart.

Invited Talks

Anti-Trans Movements (29 March 2023)
At Politics of Fear: Gender, Sexuality and the Right Populism Today, Skopje, North Macedonia.

Trans Healthcare Panel (17 February 2023)
University of Bristol, England.

Self-Declaration in the Legal Recognition of Gender (18 November 2022)
Discussant at the launch of Chris Dietz’s new book. University of Leeds, England.

Understanding and Preventing Domestic Violence Against Trans People: Insights from a Study with Trans Birth Parents (28 September 2022)
University of Newcastle, England.

Using Diversity: “to Degenerate Universities into the Most Egregious Wokery” (30 June 2022)
At Athena Swan: New Challenges and Ongoing Dilemmas, University of Warwick, England.

Reproductive Justice for Trans People (11 May 2022)
With Francis Ray White. University of Cambridge, England.

Trans Healthcare: Past, Present and What Might Have Been (26 April 2022)
Roundtable discussion, with Ellis J Johnson, Stephen Whittle, Krishna Istha, and Laura Salisbury.
International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, England.

Queering Your Academic CV (20 January 2022)
At Who’s Here? Who’s Queer? Making space for Queer ERCs in Academia. Online (England).

Roundtable on trans health, well-being, and rights (19 October 2021)
At Sex, Drugs and Scotland’s Health. Online (Scotland).

Making Trans Pregnancy Possible (25 September 2020)
At The Future of Trans Healthcare. Online (England).

From “Psychic Epidemic” to Global Pandemic: Trans Health in 2020 (10 September 2020)
At BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference. Online (England).

Trans communities and Covid-19 (24 June 2020)
At Gendered Inequalities in times of Covid-19, University of Warwick, England.

Histories of the “Pregnant Man” (12 February 2020)
LGBT+ History Month seminar, University of Leeds, England.

Fighting Back in the Precarious Academy (16 October 2019)
At Feminist Dilemmas, Feminist Hope? 30 Years of FWSA, City, University of London, England.

The ‘Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (9 October 2019)
Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, England.

Seahorse Q&A (28 August 2019)
With Freddy McConnell, Jeanie Finlay, Tuval Topper-Erez and Mia Bays.
Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds, England.

Making Trans Pregnancy Possible (21 June 2019)
At Unsettled Identities, University of Kent, Canterbury, England.

Making Trans Pregnancy Possible (11 June 2019)
University of Cambridge, England.

Making Trans Pregnancy Possible (4 May 2019)
At Aotearoa New Zealand Trans Health Symposium, University of Waikato, Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The ‘Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (3 May 2019)
University of Waikato, Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Trans Practices of Pregnancy and Birth (3 April 2019)
With Sally Hines. At Sexual Politics in Diverse Communities, University of Leeds, England.

Trans Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth (29 March 2019)
At Re(Thinking) Trans Healthcare, University of Bristol, England.

Transmasculine Experiences and Practices of Reproduction (19 March 2019)
With Sally Hines. University of Huddersfield, England.

Moderate feminism within or against the neoliberal university? (21 February 2019)
University of Warwick, England.

The ‘Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (6 February 2019)
University of Nottingham, England.

Doing gender equality: the contradictions of Athena SWAN (1 February 2019)
University College Cork, Ireland.

Making Space for Trans Pregnancy (9 November 2018)
With Francis Ray White and Jason Barker.
At Gendered Intelligence Conference: Transforming Spaces, Resource for London, London, England.

Trans Family Planning (23 October 2018)
Panel with Michael Toze and Francis Ray White.
At Trans Health Matters, Resource for London, London, England.

‘The Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (9 June 2018)
LGBT Foundation, Manchester, England.

Gender Identity Services: Reform or Revolution? (12 June 2018)
At New Horizons in Health and Social Care, Hilton Hotel, Reading, England.

Understanding Trans Health (15 May 2018)
At Better Together Nursing Conference, Exeter Racecourse, England.

Why pathologise? A social approach to gender diversity (12 May 2018)
At Gender Identity Issues in Childhood and Adolescence, The King’s Centre, Oxford, England.

Marginalised students and Athena SWAN (4 May 2018)
At Staff Sexual Misconduct: New research and ways forward, University of Portsmouth, England.

Understanding Trans Health (26 April 2018)
At Hidden Populations Public Health Speciality Registrars Training Day.
Student Central, University College London, England.

Hysterical bodies: disciplining women’s health (28 February 2018)
At Bread and Roses for All, and Hormones Too!, Birmingham LGBT Centre, England.
Panel discussion, with Aquila Edwards, Luke Dukinfield and Robin Lynch.

The Transgender Moral Panic: A Brief History (8 February 2018)
As part of the Hidden Histories lecture series, University of Warwick, England.

NHS Gender Identity Services: Reform or Revolution? (13 September 2017)
At Trans Affirmative Models of Healthcare, De Montfort University, England.

Marginalisation and Mistrust: Understanding trans mental health (14 July 2017)
At Alternative Perspectives in Mental Health, University College London, England.

(Mis)understanding Trans Health: three common issues (13 May 2017)
At Education For Health Trainers’ Conference, The Woodside, Kenilworth, England.

Trans Feminism (10 March 2017)
International Women’s Week talk, University of Wolverhampton, England.

Trans Experiences of Health Care (21 February 2017)
LGBT History Month talk, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, England.
Panel discussion with Morgan Potts, Amy Clark, Ray Filar, Tschan Andrews.

Condition or Movement? A Century of Trans Identities (16 February 2017)
LGBT History Month talk, University of Warwick, England.

The Practice of Public Sociology (24 November 2016)
At The Practice of Public Sociology, Manchester Digital Laboratory, England.
Roundtable discussion with Ipek Demir, Lambros Fatsis, Morteza Hashemi.

Reconceptualising Trans Health (23 May 2016)
At LGBT Workshop: ‘Inclusion‘, University of Warwick, England.

(Mis)understanding Trans Health (4 May 2016)
At re:publica TEN, Berlin, Germany.

Academia as Redistribution: A Challenge to Sociologists (25 June 2015)
At Re-appropriating Value(s) in Higher Education, University of Manchester, England.

Living in Trans Time (28 May 2015)
At The Subjectivity of the Body in Mental Health, University College London, England.

Trans Temporality: Anticipation and fear in accessing healthcare (9 April 2015)
At Trans* Health Workshop, King’s College London, England.

Riot Grrrl: revolution grrrl-style now (…and then!) (10 August 2013)
At Nine Worlds Geekfest, London, England. With Kirsty Lohman

Book Launch

‘The Gender Experts’: Clinical Discourse and Becoming Trans (5 June 2018)
At Trans Health: Discourse, Power and Possibility, University of Leeds, England.

Conference and Seminar Presentations

Inequalities in Perinatal Healthcare for Trans and Non-binary People in England (31 July 2021)
At TPATH Conference: Transgender Health and Activism in 2021. Online (Argentina, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Netherlands Nigeria, USA). With Tash Oakes-Monger.

Initial findings from the Trans Pregnancy project (14 January 2020)
At Trans Pregnancy: Fertility, Reproduction and Body Autonomy, Carriageworks, Leeds, England.

Transmasculine Experiences and Practices of Reproduction (11 August 2019)
With Kierra Jones.
At American Sociological Association 2019 Annual Meeting, New York, USA.

Trans reproduction: implications for health, law and ethics (13 April 2019)
With Sally Hines.
At EPATH 2019, Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy.

Ethical Considerations in Transgender Health Research (5 November 2018)
Mini-symposium, with Noah Adams, Alexander B. Harris, Asa Radix and Ben Vincent.
At WPATH Symposium, Hilton Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trans Pregnancy: Implications for Policy and Practice (3 November 2018)
Poster presentation. At WPATH Symposium, Hilton Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pregnant Men and the (Trans)formation of Parenting Cultures (17 July 2018)
With Sally Hines, Carla Pfeffer, Elisabetta Ruspini and Francis Ray White.
At ISA World Congress of Sociology, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada.

Living (clinically) like a woman (27 June 2018)
At FUTURESEX, University of Surrey, Guildford, England.

Transgender Parenthood, Reproductive Futures (20 June 2018)
Panel discussion, with Francis Ray White, Michael Toze and Ruari McAllister.
At Undisciplining: Conversations from the Edges, The Baltic, Gateshead, England.

Transgender Reproduction: A Legal Impossibility? (24 May 2018)
At Reproduction and the Law, De Montfort University, Leicester, England.

‘A time of anticipation’: Trans temporalities and the GIC (30 June 2017)
At Queer Studies: Looking Back, Looking Forward, University of Surrey, England.

Trans health research at the Gender Identity Clinic (25 May 2017)
At Trans-Forming Medicine, University of Lancaster, England. With Ben Vincent and Michael Toze.

Becoming an ‘Expert’: The changing landscape of trans health (26 November 2016)
At Action For Trans Health Conference, Norfolk Park Heritage Centre, Sheffield, England.

‘We live in a time of anticipation’: Waiting for treatment in the United Kingdom (19-20 June 2016)
Poster presentation at the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Symposium, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

To those who would exclude me from feminism (12 June 2014)
At Daring to be Bad? An interdisciplinary workshop, University of Warwick, England.

#transdocfail: What makes a Twitterstorm important? (24 April 2014)
At British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds, England.

From Bikini Kill to Beyoncé: feminist praxis in a militant music underground (28 March 2014)
At Militant Feminists in Art and Culture, University of Warwick, England.

Subculture (or not?): identity and inclusion in trans performance events (10 June 2013)
At Subculture and Subjectivity, University of Warwick, England. With Kirsty Lohman.

Trans Music Isn’t: De/constructing DIY Identity (23 May 2013)
At ‘Trans’ as Everyday Culture, University of Warwick, England. With Kirsty Lohman.

Trans Music Isn’t: De/constructing DIY Identity (13 February 2013)
At Constructing Gendered Identities, University of Warwick, England. With Kirsty Lohman.

Not Right: Cross-disciplinary approaches at the rhythm-melody interface (4 May 2012)
At Othering Academia: A B/ull(s)hit Conference, University of Warwick, England. As ‘Not Right’, with Kirsty Lohman and Richard Snowdon.

Genderforking: deconstructing gender norms in a community blog (28 April 2012)
At Gender, Bodies and Technology: (Dis)Integrating Frames, Roanoke, VA, USA.

Mind the [Gap]: Emotionality, Social Change and Research Cultures Within Sexuality Studies (21 April 2012)
At Sexual Cultures: Theory, Practice and Research, Brunel University, England. Panel with Lyndsey Moon and Mark Carrigan.

Genderforking: deconstructing gender norms in a community blog (18 January 2012)
At Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Graduate Seminar Series, University of Warwick, England.

Transgender: Time to Recognise Change (20 May 2011)
At Trans* Education and Determination, King’s College London, England.