Support “Questioning Transphobia”

Questioning Transphobia needs our support.

Ok, so we hate to do this, but it’s necessary.  It’s hard to ask for help, even when you’re desperate.

Lisa and I are both struggling to survive.  Both of us are unemployed.  I don’t have money for food this next fortnight–let alone internet or hormone treatments.  Lisa has a staph infection she can’t afford to see a doctor for, and no money for hormones either.

We know that so many of you are struggling hard too, especially at the moment.  We don’t do this for money (there is none), but we’d appreciate it so much if those of you who can afford it would think about helping us out.

Questioning Transphobia is an important inspiration and influence for myself and many other trans bloggers. The work that its writers do for free is incredible: now seems like a good time to give something back. Or, y’know, offer a couple of hard-working individuals some pay for their labour.


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