Government launches transgender e-bulletin and survey

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The government has launched a newsletter of sorts and an important survey as part of its “Transgender Action Plan”. I don’t plan on forgiving Lynne Featherstone any time soon for her turncoat attitude towards student fees and her failure to properly stand up for women’s rights, but she seems to have remained genuinely committed to trans equality. Good on her for this, at least.

We as a country pride ourselves on having successfully consigned the worst examples of discrimination to the past. And for the most part that is true. The days where we would see signs saying ‘no blacks, no dogs, no Irish’ in the windows of pubs and B&Bs have thankfully disappeared.
But I believe for transgender people we have not been so successful. For far too long too many of you had to put up with the most despicable forms of hatred and bigotry which blight not only your lives, but undermine the principles upon which this country prides itself.
I, along with my colleagues in the Coalition Government, are absolutely committed to putting a stop to this, ensuring trans people are afforded the same opportunities, freedoms and rights as any other citizen.

Earlier this month I announced the publication of our detailed action plan on LGB&T equality, clearly setting out how we will, right across Government, tackle LGB&T inequality in all areas of public policy.

And we are not stopping there. We recognise transgender issues are distinct and need to be addressed separately. This is why we will also be publishing the first ever cross Government transgender equality action plan later in the year. Highlighting where distinct action is needed in addition to the measures outlined in the LGB&T action plan.

But we won’t be successful without your involvement. To make sure we really deliver for the trans community, we need to know how you think we should be progressing the agenda. So I am delighted to introduce the first trans E‐Bulletin, which gives you an opportunity to do just this.

It’s an opportunity we may as well take advantage of, so please do take the survey, have a good moan about everything wrong with trans rights in this country, and pass it on.

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