“Pregnant Man” story isn’t racy enough for The Telegraph

Yesterday, I noted a number of issues with the reporting of a British man’s pregnancy and the subsequent birth of his child. It seems, however, that the story simply wasn’t exciting enough for The Telegraph, who have revised their article somewhat overnight.

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The story itself remains largely unchanged: there is no new information. The only difference I could pick out was the introductory paragraph, which has changed one phrase in order to turn this somewhat inaccurate but broadly inoffensive sentence:

The man, who is believed to be in his 30s, was able to carry a child after taking female hormones to reverse the effects of his female-to-male sex change treatment.

…into something which takes that extra step to question the subject’s gender.

The ‘male mother’, who is believed to be in his 30s, was able to carry a child after taking female hormones to reverse the effects of his female-to-male sex change treatment.

Somewhat bizarrely, the original story remains online, possibly because The Telegraph wouldn’t dare offend the hundreds of readers who took time to comment on how disgusting it is that trans people want to mutilate their bodies.

Yesterday I was prepared to concede that Telegraph journalists were content to merely be stupid and lazy on trans issues. It turns out, however, that they’re actually prepared to put effort into their transphobic bigotry. Well done all.

7 thoughts on ““Pregnant Man” story isn’t racy enough for The Telegraph

    • Wow. You do have to wonder how it’s appropriate for a trans woman from an MtF-oriented group to do that.

      At least she’s sticking to her guns in refusing to share any personal information.

  1. In fact, Joanna Darell identifies as a “cross dresser” rather than a “trans woman” :

    “First feelings of gender dysphoria occurred 15
    years ago. I am married with children and have no
    desire to transition to become a trans-sexual,
    which makes me a cross-dresser, not a

    This description appears in a “simple guide” to workplace transition for which Darrell appears to be responsible.

    This document asserts that people who transition are in fact “MEN” and no figures for “cross dressing” WOMEN exist “maybe it’s because they powerdress”.

    It is not only inappropriate giving interviews to the Sunday Times , producing this sort of nonsense is equally unhelpful

    Click to access Transgender%20diversity%20training%202%20-%20transitioning.pdf

    • Fair play, I described Joanna as a “trans woman” because she used the phrase “transgender woman” on her Twitter profile. I agree that a lot of the language used by the Beaumont Society is outdated and unhelpful.

  2. In the ten months I have been injecting testosterone, I am more myself; I feel more stable and less anxious, which means I am somewhat closer to being ready to parent children. It’s a sad fact that as trans-individuals, we have to use what we’ve got. We get creative with our bodies.

    This man should be applauded for putting the creation of a new life above his own personal comfort. He wouldn’t have been able to take testosterone during that time and it also put him at risk from the ignorant masses. He has created life under difficult circumstances indeed. Despite all odds, he has managed to conceive.

    I’ve put a link to this article from my blog. Hope that’s ok.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Ralph! Thanks for the link your take on things.

      btw, I really didn’t enjoy MTS but I thought you – like every other trans person taking part in the documentary – were awesome. As is your artwork! [/fangirl moment]

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