Have your say on England’s “gender dysphoria services”

Following hot on the heels of the new Scottish protocol for transition-related services, the Department of Health has published a draft guide for England.

They’re not holding a formal consultation on the document (meaning that it’s not available on the Department of Health website), but are “seeking the views of stakeholders […] to find out if the ‘journey’ outlined in the document reflects the experience transgender people actually have and, where there are differences, what they are.”

This is a really important opportunity for you to offer feedback on the proposed guide to English services.

A copy of the document is available below:

Gender Dysphoria Services – An English Protocol

When you’ve read the document, you can share your views through the following link:


I’m planning to post my own analysis of the draft protocol when I’ve had time to read through it properly.

7 thoughts on “Have your say on England’s “gender dysphoria services”

  1. Some hints of recognition early on in the document that name changes can be complex for non-UK citizens, and then an utter lack of regard for it in the later sections that are all about “so many months since name change” this and “RLE starts when you change your name” that…

    • I’ve yet to answer the survey – if it affords you the possibility to comment on this, please do so!

      There’s some awful stuff in here actually…I’m frantically taking notes, and will attempt to write a full post about it this afternoon. I’m particularly disturbed by the apparent requirement for GPs to make a physical examination…

      • There was a small ‘general comments’ box with a 250-word limit. There was lots I wanted to say, but as it was, I had to cut down what I’d written just on this one issue to get it to fit…

  2. I’m about a third of the way through and my eyeballs are trying to escape so I don’t have to read any more of this. It’s not easy reading when half the paragraphs are devoid of content. Do I at least get horrific fail later on to get interested in?

    • There is a little bit of fail later on! I’m typing up a digested version though if you’d like to wait for that!

  3. This is truly terrible. You only have to read the introduction, Drafted out by Barrett and the CX team.The gatekeepers of the N.H.S. have just gotten stronger and will be able to continue to cherry-pick people for referral to the only TWO Surgeons that preform operations for the N.H.S. YOU will NOT smoke,YOU will NOT drink, YOU will get a JOB (perhaps the Job centre,or what ever it’s called should move to CX ) and you WILL do what your told and smile. Then after 3 or so years you could be on the waiting list for a Operation. That is unless of course your on the T.V.(TELEVISION not Transvestite) then as every man and his dog knows, “iT ONLY TAKES TWO YEARS from start to finish, oh and at a cost of 10 million pounds to the Tax-Payer (that will be me then) WHY is it we are under the Mental Health act STILL 2012. WHY do the N.H.S. actively encourage mixing Privet and N.H.Services for treatments but yet it’s not allowed for Transsexuals. Two surgeons can and will accept referrals from qualified professionals for Privet operations, but can not and will not for N.H.S. Operations. These referrals have to come from Barrett and his team at CX. WHY??

  4. these guidfelines alklow for disability discrimination and grant gatekeepersw the power to HUMILIATE disabled patients, they are the antithesis of the progress made by dsm4 if I hadn’t read the sources I’d say this abomonation was based on the DSM2 the only good bit in the entire document is regulating wait times so clients get 4 appointments a year rather than 5 a half decade. Good grief please tell me this is a joke.

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