Fernanda Milán deportation postponed

Some great news from Denmark: the deportation of Fernanda Milán has been suspended.

Fernanda was horrifically mistreated after seeking asylum in Denmark, but faced worse in her home country of Guatemala. Her deportation was originally scheduled for Monday 17 September, but it is now on hold following international condemnation and vital interventions from Danish asylum activists.

For more information, see Natacha Kennedy’s translation of a press release from the T Refugee Project in Denmark.

One thought on “Fernanda Milán deportation postponed

  1. Bit odd of Natascha not to link the original in any way. T-Refugee seem to be distributing their press releases (including the English translation – same translation) as PDFs here: http://tlounge.dk/trefugee/press-releases/

    My brain might just explode at the complete and utter lack of apostrophes anywhere in the translation. There are maybe three in the whole article, and possessives absolutely everywhere. Argh! There are also some minor translation errors that reverse the meaning of some details entirely, but said details are by and large unimportant. (Who translates ‘forbillede’ to ‘model’? More like ‘inspiration’ which makes for better copy too…)

    Some of the post-scripts/appendices look like they’ve been run through a Babelfish mangle: “FACTS: REFUGEES THE COMMISSION CONSIDERS THAT GENDER IDENTITY MAY BE SUBJECT ASYLUM”. More like “fact: according to the refugee commission, gender identity can be grounds for asylum”…

    Long story short: don’t read anything into the wording of the translation, as it’s not very representative of the source text, and rest assured that the Danish document gives a better, less disorganised, general appearance.

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