Update on the Charing Cross gender clinic deed poll affair

This is a brief update on the entry I wrote about Charing Cross gender clinic getting a bit funny about DIY deed polls. In short: the clinic is once accepting such documents, so hurrah!

I have been reliably informed that the issue was raised at a stakeholder meeting. It was confirmed that was indeed some confusion at the clinic about the status of home-made change of name documents.

The policy at the clinic has now been changed to bring it in line with the advice of the Gender Recognition Panel, which recognises appropriately written change of name documents signed by the person changing their name, and a witness.

Such documents can be found online in a number of locations, such as here.

3 thoughts on “Update on the Charing Cross gender clinic deed poll affair

  1. sorry i missed this post, thats great news then, shame it ever surfaced in the first place, but a good end and thats all that matters

  2. To be fair, I should probably edit the original post about the issue to add a link to this update 🙂

    But yeah, typical blind bureaucratic nonsense from Charing Cross.

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